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Different Sock Choices

October 23rd, 2008 at 09:27 pm

I was just at walmart yesterday. I like to buy multiples of the same sock, so Pairring dont really take any of my time. I have a set color,or type, for each child. My daughter like anklets, my baby uses same as I do, no shows, My sons wear crew, one black and one gray. I bought 3 packs each for each person before school started. I noticed yesterday, that the jerzees brand I bought are still 4 dollars a 6pk. I know what belongs to who and washing 20 socks, all i gotta do to pair is really type or color as a whole, Not like those packs of ten a different color for each pair. That perverbial missing sock dont bother me, when they are all the same color for each person. I and baby use no shows, because of our sensitive skin, and Im diabetic, when socks leave marks, its not good. I prefer to keep my tootsies for the long haul, so i do all i can to pamper them. Even in the shower, I stop the drain, so they get a good soak while im showering. I wear no shows to not cut off circulation. I dry my feet after bath/shower immediatly. I also soak feet one or two times a week. I do have a soaker, but most of the time its alot of trouble to clean and clean after. So i went to dollar store and bought the thing you use in sink for washing dishes(dishpan i believe its called). Alot easier to tote and clean up. All tips for Diabetics. Regular socks mark up my baby too w/in ten minutes. So I buy her no shows as well.

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