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Dollar store toiletries

October 23rd, 2008 at 09:37 pm

These are a good deal. However!!!!! You need to look at labels and make sure nothing you use is made in China or Africa. Both of these countries still use lead!!!! Like that episode of Criminal intent law n order, where kids died from drinking mouthwash. It may be a fake show, but its based on Facts! Thats why there is actually a death by chocolate as well. Most chocolate is produced from Africa, and they still use leaded Gas. Which means the emitions goes into the air and on the chocolate plants. China still uses lead in almost anything, especially paints. Thats why all the toy recalls. My mother saw on the news that theres been some deaths from toothpaste, our companys, their countries. So if your buying colgate, that doesnt mean it was made here, unless it says so on the label!!! READ IT FOR YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR CHILDRENS SAFETY!!! If it doesnt say U.S.A. dont buy it!!!! Even if it has the ada approval on the box, still look and see if it was made in the usa. A Lead Free Country! The brand is ada approved, not the country it was produced in. The suave and vo5 are just 1 dollar and are better bubble makers in the bath then actual bubbles. I have a jaquizzi and the only thing that truely bubbles up, is those 2 shampoos. They also carry dial, caress, and zest soap for just 1 dollar. Alot of body soaps that my kids like using. I kind of like them myself. They are a one soap multi use. All hair/body. I kinda like that, simplifies it all.