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Always Save

October 23rd, 2008 at 09:54 pm

I can get a.s soups for 39 cents each at wallace and owens, its a country mart store. I like that price, 3 cans for the price of one campbells. My kids love them. The only one that looks any different from campbells is the c.of mush. But when made with milk, tastes just as good. My daughter likes it with evap milk too. I like to add them to my dishes also. Different options:... 1 can of tomato soup, to a box of generic mac/ch, great! Even More filling, no extra milk, just dump can in it when the rest is all done already. Stir and Serve. Add a 1/2 lb beef and a can of mush also and tom, like lasagne hamb helper. Instead of tom, use 2 cans c.of mush, you got stroganoff. You can add 1 can c. of mush, 2 cans tom a big chunk of velvetta to pasta or rice, tastes like spagettios. Yes even rice! I have done this and its awesome! If you have the old steamer dish from tupperware, You can put a 1/2 c. rice in the bottom and add a can of c. of mush to it. put in vegs if you like, i like mixed or peas/carrots, and put in steamer tray, put a boneless,skinless chicken breast, cook in microwave 12 mins, walah, chicken ala king. It is awesome too. I like it especially on Church days, easy, quick and low maintenence.