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probs with store

October 23rd, 2008 at 06:04 pm

I worked for this store. Ive read thier handbook. Not sure if its like others, but this stores is demeaning to the general public. that the store was developed because most couldnt afford to even shop at walmart. When i read it, i was just discusted, as to me it was written worse then i said now and it seemed not only condecending but prejudicial. It also posted who thier general customers would be in percentages of white, not white, etc, if u get my drift.
Also, There will be about 3 or more employees working, yet only one register open, even with lines to the back of the store.
While i was working, My son came in. He had 2 dollars on him, so he was looking around. He found a padlock set that was open and laying down on the floor. He picked it up, but like i stated about the long lines. So he went in front of the register and sat on the outdoor seat promotion. Just to sit and wait for her to be able to deal with the matter. She called the cops and tried to have him arrested for shoplifting. He wasnt even near the door to leave the store. He couldnt come in the back to get me, cause we were unloading a truck. so he sat in a chair waiting for the cashier to be able to deal with the product that he found. The Juvinille Dectective Chief came in, and started to write the report. she called back to the back for the manager to come up, and said it was for a shoplifter. I came up front with her. I was more then just a bit miffed. I quit on the spot too. The only reason i go in there now, is cause its between the grocery store, movie store and my favorite buffet. I dont do big shopping in there. One thing thats on my list to get there, is they have applesauce jar for 1 dollar. Its the large size, like 2 of the small ones that i can get at the store. They also have flavored water, still 2 for a dollar, where most stores are up to 80 cents each now. My kids like the white grape, peach and strawberry alot. I say, hey, its better for them then soda. They fit perfect in a wine rack too. I have 2 wine racks. Ill add a blog entry about that in a new catagory ill call, Tips~other uses.

Dollar General Website

October 23rd, 2008 at 04:40 pm

I worked at Dollar General, It is my last Choice in Stores to stop in for something. Ill explain in a seperate blog entry.