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rental stores

October 23rd, 2008 at 07:36 pm

I am a fan of these. Most arent. However, you only see it one sided. I will give you my point of view here to compare to the complaints of it all.

The main complaint is that you pay twice the price.

This isnt necessarily true either. You get early pay off options, such as 40 percent off to 55 percent at some stores. Say you have 18 payments, after you get down to say 9, and want to pay it off, the balance owed, take off that stores percentage and thats your pay off.
For example. you owe 300, and that store is 40 percent, then your balance is less 120 dollars equaling 180 payoff amount. Fourty percent is the lowest option ive had to deal with.

Secondly, its door to door service, they hook you up, you have to do nothing but sign a reciept.

Thirdly, if it breaks while paying for it, it gets fixed and you get a loner while you wait. My daughters tv/dvd combo, the tray was stuck, they took it in and fixed it and she got a tv/dvd combo loner while it was being fixed at no extra cost. No retail store has this option. You may get insurance, but you wait for that insurance and get nothing while you wait.

They are in competition with others, so they meet and beat deals and accept clients with free month or free two weeks on new purchases as well.

Theres no credit check. You wont be denied unless your residence cant be verified.

Say something costs retail 1000. Rental will be about 2,100. But you get that 1,000 payoff in the first 90 days, so after your second payment, you want to pay it off for retail price, then go for it.

They have cash and carry, and as a client, if you cant pay the price posted, you can get it on payments as well and remember its door to door service. you find a big screen tv, you dont have to carry it, they do it all for you.

If your unhappy with something you can contact corporate also. They generally will do about anything to keep you happy. For example, one store i used to go thru, sold out to another chain. When they took over contracts, they were suppost to honor them. I was currently in waiting for replacement pieces and fixing others. I had 3 bdrm sets, one with one of those tall skinny chests, it was dropped during delivery and it broke the top, so i was waiting on replacement of that piece and the boys sets, had under drawers and the slides were installed inproperally. They finally got with me and said the dresser was discontinued and they couldnt replace it, but would get me thier current new set with a new contract, but they were not gonna credit me funds i paid other company, and they didnt fix the other sets either,they wanted to do the same as the other set. I already paid 669.00 in rentals on these. I told them to take it all back, and they did. Later thier vice president contacted me and gaurunteed me the credit of 669 in any future purchase in thier store to keep me as a client. I should of took the offer but turned it down. Without beds, i had to go elsewhere and get same day delivery, u know what im saying?
I wish i had that check now, now that im needing a new dining set.lol I may call them and see if they will still give it to me.
I got and paid off after 10 months a front load washer. In all it cost me 775. Ive had it for 5 years now. I havent ever needed any maintenence on it. With 5 kids, i couldnt have anything less then a front loader. As it is now, i cant get laundry kept up. I always have 2 loads or more in waiting. I live in county and co op area, so i pay seperate water and electric and our electric is outragous. So this saves on both, especially washing in cold water. I have also been buying lately, the sun with bleach liquid soap at the dollar tree, and with front loaders, you use 1/4 the soap of top loaders, so that 10 load 1 dollar bottle is 40 loads and all for one dollar with color safe bleach included. They also have and I bought without bleach, for special loads. Garments that require you dont use bleach of any kind on. Id say since my bill is half what it used to be on a monthly basis, ive saved almost 2,000 each year on electric and almost 360.00 on water each year. totaling 2,360 for each of five years, now totalling 11,800. Minus the cost of the washer itself, thats still 11,025 saved in 5 years. Well the electric isnt just cause of my washer. Its two other tips involved there. 1 is the different bulbs, 3 pk for 7.97 at walmart, 4 pks for whole house, and power bars, 5.97 each walmart, total of 5 bars for whole house. Not only has that saved me money on power bill, but also from products surging during storms, which in flood plains, i may as well live in seattle.lol. Not only is this town in whats called flood plains, but its also known as tornado alley.
So total cost of investment= 840.63
Total Saved= 11,800 in five years
total savings over 5 years=10,959.37. Which is 2,191.87 each year in savings. This is based on standard bills. In these 5 years there has not been but 2 mishaps with electric, Tornado Damages. They did not cost much extra. If your not aware, with Co-ops, when theres a problem within your coop area, All People, pay equal share of costs for fixing the problem. Ten Years ago, we had a major ice storm, Ten days, no power, workers on it 24/7. Mind you my bill was based on 20 days, plus costs for fixing said problems too, My usual 20 days use of 100 then, became 999.00 for that month. My dads usual 36.00 became 697.00 for that 20 day month. Plus they claim no profits, and that means we dont get our 1 percent of years use back either. If your moving, or thinking of moving, Look into power options in the area your looking. Dont believe the commercials for co ops, its bull, trust me, ive lived in one of those areas for 15 years, and to explain to you how bad that is, this area is so bad economically, my dad as a senior, gets his extra medical coverage for free. I believe thier list goes by ten worst economic areas in usa for free coverage, and we are one. So if this took place in a better economic area, then that means the cost would of been higher, not lower, so you think about that.

find one near you...


I hate renting movies!

October 23rd, 2008 at 07:00 pm

I dont rent movies. I may see Movies alot later then others, but i get the better deal.
At Movie Gallery, They always have a sale going on, its either buy one get one, or buy two get two, same deal really.
They sell used movies from 1.00 to 15.00.
I go for the Secondary step down at 9.99.
Thats movies that have been out for about 8 months. I get out the door with four of those movies for 21.28. I also have combo vcr/dvds, and they sell all thier video tapes for 1.99. I get alot of deals like that for my kids. All four still at home, get a movie just for them for under 10 dollars in total, you cant beat that!
Why rent for about 4 dollars for 5 days when you can buy it and keep it forever for 10 dollars.
Even walmart. Now saw 5 ,for example, is going to the theaters. Thier electronics dept has a 5 dollar wall. They have saw 1,2,3 all 5 dollars each. Friday the 13th 1-5 for 5 dollars each, Rocky movies, all of them, for 5 dollars each. They even have b flick combos with up to 7 differnt clips(bella legousi for example) for 5 dollars each. Again 21.28 out the door for 4 movies. Or if theres one i want, its out the door with 5 movies for 26.56. They even had Judge Judys movie in this rack. I totally skip new releases and go for the older option. Even at the Dollar Tree, they have old shows, old movies and Biblical Movies and discs for listening for 1 dollar each. I got Lucy Show, Red Skelton, Abbott and Costello.

Theres also the pawn shops as well. Sometimes ours has a buy 1 get one free. Normally any given day they are 4.99. I got my Laurel and Hardy Collection here. I got volume 1 and 4 for out the door for 5.30.

At walmart, i bought a set for cleaning and fixing. Its a plug in deal, its automatic, and has discs and cleaners for both purposes. Originally 20.00. Refil packs are only 7.99. This is a great investment! I bought a second one, and now have one for each purpose and no need for a refill pack for some time, since each came with 2 sets. I dont have to change discs ever either, One has one set the other has the other.

I also found at walmart a Clearance Section in electronics, It is usually in the back corner, the last place you would look and its like that in each dept of the store, so look! I got 2 of the Biggest,240 movies each, Books, for clearance of 7.50 each. I have a Black one for Just Me Movies, and one with red and white stripes, like thier school colors for Just for Kids movies.I keep a bounce sheet inside each for static reduction and a nice fresh scent.lol. Just look for those with cotton backs, not plastic backs for longer life for your movies.

Back to the dollar store...
dollar tree that is, They have 11 volumnes of Biblical Stories. If you found and got all 11 of them, you could walk out the door with hours of entertainment for 11.67. Bases on our tax of .0632 percent. If you buy one item is 6 cents tax, but if you buy 2 items is 13 cents tax.lol.

My kids like stuff that i and my mother grew up with two. My youngest son, 7 now, His favorite Cartoon is Felix. He has Aspbergers, so repeats are necessary for him to be happy. Its like a combo of autism and adhd. I got several Felix discs at the dollar store for 1 dollar each and hes quite content with them. I put them in my dvd drive on laptop while traveling. All the kids like it, but one loves and depends on it.

Its hard to explain the depends on it part, unless you have special needs kids, to really understand, what a mother goes thru with the disability.

For example with him. If I get take out, Mcdonalds, He will only want a cheeseburger kids meal, and the burger has to be absolutely plain except needs to have cheese also. No Cheese, any condiments,and your up to a Scream fest. Its not something he can help or control either, and the medication only plays a partial roll.

Its like the therapist he had to see for diagnosis of said disability, You have to venture out for things, with him only. He can pick out things hes comfortable with and you stick with it. Not just food or movies, but clothes as well. Like for me, Im allergic to wool, so i cant have anything with wool in it. He cant have wool because with the autism part of this syndrome, texture issues, which falls under clothes and food as well. You know the saying if mommy aint happy, noones happy, well same goes for my son. If he aint happy, then mommy aint happy and noone will be happy. lol.