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Family Fun INDOOR/OUTDOOR 150.00

October 23rd, 2008 at 08:49 pm

They have those air up bouncys, that used to be available thru rental agencys only, for 99 dollars at walmart. They are like 4x4 feet. So it easily can be indoor or outdoor. You can get bigger, but it costs alot more. That by itself is hours for years of fun!

To Make it even more exciting, You could buy those big balls at walmart, 2 for 5.00, and toss them in there, about 10 balls is alot of fun.

You could also buy a box of those balls like they use in playlands, a box of 100 different colors, 25.00.

Now that my Kids are older, I have took it to my Church for all the younger kids to enjoy.

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