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Family Fun under 200.00 outdoors

October 23rd, 2008 at 09:15 pm

Walmart sells pools at set prices each year. up to 999.00. The 149.00 is probably your best deal. It changes size each year! Be careful there! Its half foot different either side, depth or width. One year it was 14ft wide next year 14 1/2ft wide. The difference being, the filters and all will be different. Your best bet when buying it, is buying extra packs of filters, cause they wont be available the next year, but maybe will year after that. I bought the 149.00 pool. I have used it for 3 years. I bought one year b4 that one, and found out no parts available for that size the next year, which is why i reccommend extras purchases when you buy it in that same season and stuff runs out and they dont reorder for that season so get all you can at that moment. Or if you can find a good deal on a real pools filter system that always has filters in stock, then i would reccommend doing that. My friends in michigan did that and they never had to use all those chemicals that i have had too cause of the cheap plastic, basically disposable filter system that comes with these. If you can get a real filtering system, then i highly reccomend it and recommend this fill as it goes pool. No liner replacements, just fill ring with air and fill pool with water. If you have to replace a liner, it costs what this pool costs, and as i stated, ive used my second one for 3 years already. So its been cheaper then maintanance on a real pool, and its put away in a tote in the garage til the next year. No worrys about winter damage.
My kids love the pool and its 4 1/2 ft deep, perfect for my younger children and still fun for the older ones. Plus i have the 2 ladders now from both pools. I buy a blow up ring pool now for at the ladder to wash thier feet, because, my dog loves the plastic pool from walmart for 8 dollars, she keeps cool and clean using it every day in the summer. Its also helped keep the flys off her ears, so its all good. Id spend the other 50 of the 200 i posted on filters if you plan on using the filtering system that comes with the pools. The pool set comes with a set of chemicals also, so dont buy any of that, thats enough for the season. It also comes with a floating device for the chemicals. All you need are toys, foot washer item, screen handle for leaf removal and EXTRA FILTERS.lol. Dollar tree is great for toys too. I bought the rings at walmart though for 1.88 each, they are bigger and stronger, then the ones at the dollar tree. As you can see in the pic posted here, the neon are walmart 1.88 specials and the tire is a dollar tree special my neighbor bought for his daughter. Theres a size difference and Ive used mine for those 3 years, and hes replaced his at least one time a season. When Darien was younger, and scared of the water, We were camping at KOA nearby and in thier store, they had a ring with an x of plastic w/in the circle, like a seat. He loves it, I paid 4.99 at koa for this item. If it was stocked at our KOA, then its a general item you would find at any of them. Ill enclose a picture of it too, so you know what your looking for. Everything else I bought at the Dollar Tree, rings, sinking items, squiter animals, goggels, pool basketball, etc...

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