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walmart..problem with store...

October 23rd, 2008 at 06:25 pm

My things are vas at this place. One Im sad that Sam Died and left it to all those rumdums. Thats what they are too me!
First, used to be that you could go in on Halloween and trick or treat. Crayola was one of the sponsers. Last time was 3 years ago, Crayola gave a plastic cup, with 8 crayon pack, a fun pad, a washable marker, a pencil and eraser, and candy. Since then, theres been no Halloween items for free.
Thier shoe section totally just sucks, excuse my tone, but i cant say it any nicer then that!!!!!
Their new look, was a waste of money!!!
I have to take someone shopping with me, to grab stuff. If i grab it myself, I get the shock of a lifetime. This girl that went with me once, didnt believe me, and she touched me while i was walking, she screamed bloody murder and cursing and i made her a believer! I teased her after that saying like the commercials ive seen before, pointing my finger at her and saying, "im not touchinggggg youuu".lol It is probably, cause I had lead in my arm. That is only way i can describe the pain of shopping there, literally, pain! Im not the only one this occurs too here locally either, Ive heard alot of complaints about carpet shock they describe it as. But its polished concrete floors. I dont get it! I have never had this problem, before they did thier look change.

My other, and Biggest problem with this store is, they make a killing in any holiday, massing product for said holiday. Yet not one clerk will wish you a happy holiday. They cant, or they can lose thier job!!??.. What kind of Bull is that? I said Merry Christmas to my Clerk one day. She said Thanks have a Great Day. I said excuse me? She said, sorry, i cant say that, ill lose my job. Alot of walmarts also have been in trouble for not paying employees correctly. Say your stocking and you cant leave without that cart being returned to the back room. Say you work over 30 mins. They were taking that 30 mins off your time. I believe the average was 22 mins per day that they were taking off actual time cards.

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