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October 24th, 2008 at 05:44 am

They have all kinds of 1 dollar boxes of cereal in most of the stores i shop in. Plus at dollar tree, they get the kind they use at school, tony tiger power, 4 boxes that you open and put milk right into for 1 dollar. Thats also a great deal for keeping in the car stash for just in case. I use a shoe box in back of van for long term food storage, for just in case the car breaks down and we have to wait a long while and were in the middle of nowhere.

Ive found,
cinnamon toast crunchers
blueberry toast crunchers
fruit loops generic
frosted flake generic
chocolate puffs
marshmellow matey
My kids like all but the marshmellow matey. They say, 2 thumbs down on that one. Their fave is the cinnamon one.
They also have generic pop tarts and oatmeal. My kids love the chocolate pop tarts, my daughter loves the strawberry pop tarts, my son loves the oatmeals. I put a few extra raisins in the cinnamon one and Chocolate chips in the plain. My oldest son loved the banana kind. Id also blend up a few banana chips and add it in. Not fresh banana, but the chips. When you put those in a chopper/blender, they look like brown sugar.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Nice post, but have you seen the new website www.mixmygranola.com ?

    They have all these ingredients and customize your granola! I tried it and loved it. Great ingredients and super fresh.

    Try it!

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