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pnut butters

October 24th, 2008 at 06:09 am

While i love jif, I also love always save too. Nice and creamy, yet no oil setting on top either, nice mixture. I get always save for 1.19 a jar, I get the small jars, because i keep it handy at my desk. When im feeling a little hungry, its right there for reminder of eat this! lol. Its a priority on my diet, as I dont eat alot of meat, unless its bbq. So I lack alot of protein. Eggs, P.B. and mac/ch, cheese are high on my list for protein. I had to cut off alot of my hair cause it just died during my pregnancy. If your hair gets like straw, your lacking protein. I dont eat seafood at all, dont think ive mentioned that one before. Also another reason for the need for protein. I just cant take the smell. I got sick on a bad piece of Cod when I was pregnant with first child. If anyone else is like me, then you know, when you get sick on something while preggy, you will not touch it again. I also lost my gall bladder, so that may also play a part in that.
I have tried that smart sense. The taste is ok, if you can get over the texture. Its gross to look at all that oil sitting on top. You cant just put a knife in there and make a sandwich, you gotta stir that stuff, every time you want some. Its not very appealing to me. When I lost my gall bladder, it wasnt just a removal, it exploded, so its made me have a weak stomach as a result and I suffer heartburn very much. They said its called Gastritis. A side effect after losing your g.b.

2 Responses to “pnut butters”

  1. HELPmeFind Says:

    You should start taking Prenatal Vitamins for your health. They will help the hair and basics.
    Try other types of fish for protien instead of COD. Yuck. Can you eat shellfish? It is good too.

  2. leggzz66 Says:

    I do take prenatals. I take an 81 aspirin and glucophage. Ive never ate any type since i got sick on fish while pregnant, it all smells the same and all smells bad to me now.

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